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Divi Timeline Section

Convert any section on your page to a Timeline Content with just 1-Click. This makes each row in the section to a timeline content.

Automagically convert your sections into a Timeline!

This is not a Divi module which is limited to what you can put inside using the provided fields in the module. That is so limited in what you can add in your timeline content. This plugin allow you to convert any section to a Timeline content with just 1-click. All your rows within that section will become Timeline content. Enjoy adding any content or divi module within your timeline without leaving the page editing screen.

Fully Responsive & Customizable!

You can enjoy all the default customization and styling options you have in the Divi row and section. You get full control on how each timeline will look as you wish. And content within it is fully responsive similar to how a divi section or row works.

What Are The Possibilities?

Check out some of the demos we’ve created for you.

Demo One

Demo Two

Demo Three

Divi Timeline Section!

Convert any section on your page to an Timeline Content with just 1-Click.